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Symptoms of Stress

Who me, stressed? 

Almost anything can add stress to our spinal column. Motor vehicle accidents, a serious fall, degenerative diseases, and even just living with gravity can alter our spinal alignment. With so many options available today it's tough to know where to turn for corrective and preventative care. That's where NUCCA comes in...

In order to fully recover and stabilize, you must maintain your correction. To achieve this goal, here are some basic guidelines to follow during your initial days of healing. Following these guidelines can assist greatly in you maintaining your correction.

> Avoid strenuous activities and sports
> Schedule in plenty of rest
> Avoid any sudden or jarring movements
> Refrain from other procedures on your head and neck until your initial correction has stabilized.

Your correction will need to be monitored by your NUCCA chiropractor during this initial healing process to accurately assess your progress. While you must make a solid commitment to take charge of your own health, remember that your doctor is available to help. Whether through educational programs, additional written information or just an encouraging word, you can count on your doctor to be knowledgeable, understanding and helpful.