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A headache is often a pain in the neck

headache.pngThis is true in more ways than one. Nerve pressure and pressure to the blood vessels in the neck caused by vertebral misalignments (called subluxations) may contribute to various types of headaches.

Millions of people have been adjusted by chiropractors since 1895, and many have experienced relief from headaches while under chiropractic care. Scientific investigations are underway to explore the connection between chiropractic spinal adjustments and the relief of headaches.

But as it is often said, "The proof is in the pudding." If you, a friend. or a family member suffers from headaches, why not try the simple, safe, and natural form of care - chiropractic. A careful examination may determine that you have a subluxation, and a spinal adjustment by your chiropractor may well put you on the road to recovery from headaches.

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