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Your Posture is Vital to your Health.

Vital Posture TM

Even if you’re not entering a beauty pageant or marrying into the Royal Family, proper posture is critical. Without it, you’ll look and feel older than you need to. It’s a fact - people with good posture look and feel younger. And, typically, they are healthier.

To see how improper alignment and the neck are related and can affect your whole body, click here.

Good posture can mean you get to do the things you want to do… longer. Along with pain, joint wear and tear from a neck and spine that are out of alignment are going to slice years off doing the things you love such as hiking, golfing, skiing and dancing. Keep doing your favourite activities well into your golden years. Straighten up and enjoy your life longer!

Feeling pain? Stiff in the mornings?  If you have a sore neck or back, suffer from migraines or headaches, or even have sore feet, chances are it’s related to your posture. That’s right – poor posture leads to a host of health problems.  Improper posture can mean an unbalanced body, and we all know how important balance is in our lives. Overall balance—health, family time, work, friends – it’s all connected. A balanced body - proper neck and spine alignment - are critical to your well-being and your ability to enjoy your life.

By developing and maintaining proper posture, you can eliminate pain and stiffness AND age more gracefully. That means a better life for you, now and in the future.

Our team can help you reduce or eliminate your neck and back pain by using the NUCCA procedure to re-balance your posture.  Without the use of manipulation or instruments, NUCCA chiropractors re-balance the head and neck. This is done through a light, precise contact applied to the top vertebrae allowing your body to rebalance itself.

The goal of the NUCCA procedure is to allow your spine to maintain its correction for the rest of your life with as few adjustments as possible.  Find out what people are saying about NUCCA care in our office or book an appointment so you can meet a doctor.  If you have questions please contact us, we are here to help you. 

Our Promise: We help make your body a better place to live! 

Stand Straight to Feel Better, Look Better & Live Better.


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